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Join us for a coffee with Margie from APT Touring!

We will have a special Guest Desk host in our Avalon office on October 22, 2020.
The lovely Margie from APT Touring will be setting up in the Travel View Headquarters, ready to meet with any of our clients who wish to know more about APT Touring's brand new travel offerings, or those who have existing credit and would like some help to rebook.
Margie will be in the office from 9am to 1pm on Thursday October 22nd and will be available for half hour appointments.
We'd love you to join us for a coffee as we hear about the exciting new Australian-based and International products to be launched, including private jet touring and brand new walking tours, to name just a few.
To book your preferred time, please contact the office on 1300 885 215
If there is any other guest or cruise line rep you'd like to meet with, please let us know and we will do our best to arrange it.

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