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Q: Are agents available for personal consultation?
A. Yes we have two offices. One located in Avalon Beach on the beautiful shores of the Northern Beaches in Sydney and the other in Mona Vale located inside the Pittwater RSL Club.

Q: What kind of packages do you offer?
A. We pride ourselves in creating unique packages you and your friends will be talking about for a lifetime. We would be more than happy to show you our available packages or create a package tailored to just you and your family and friends.


Q. What validity do I require for my Australian passport when travelling overseas?
A. Our consultants will ensure that your passport has adequate validity to meet the entry requirements of the countries you intend to visit (or transit). Some countries require travellers to have at least six months validity remaining on their passports beyond the period of intended stay, and immigration authorities may refuse entry if you arrive with less than this. Airlines and passenger shipping lines may refuse to carry you if your passport has inadequate validity.

At the time of booking our consultants will take copies of your valid passport so we can check that your travel documents are in order and you have the appropriate visa and waivers needed.

Q. I understand that I may need a visa for the country I wish to travel to, do I have to arrange this or will you do it for me?
A: Australian travellers require visas for a number of countries such as China, Brazil, Vietnam, India, Russia and others. We can obtain these for you but the one thing to note though is they can take time to arrange so early booking is therefore recommended.


Q. Do I need to purchase travel insurance for travelling inside Australia?
A. Yes travel insurance is highly recommended and is also compulsory for some tours. We can assist you no matter what level of cover you need. 


Q. Should I take credit card or cash with me when I travel overseas?
A. Depending on your travel destination we recommend all of the above. Some destinations do not have access to credit card, bank or ATM facilities. Your specialised agents can help here with what best suites you for your journey.


Q. What if I want to book my own flights, can I just book land only arrangements with you?
A: It is normally better value to book our air and land packages. However, our tours can also be purchased without the flights just ask your travel consultant at time of booking.

Q: Is it possible to go on a tour if I have already organised my own flights?
A: Certainly, for every tour we also have a land only price which excludes the airfares.

Q. Why do I have to purchase my airfare at time of booking?
A. Some carriers have airfares whereby the condition of purchase of that airfare requires payment at time of securing your reservation. This means that the funds are not held by Travel View & Cruise View and are paid to the carrier to confirm your ticket.

Q. Why are my fares non-refundable?
A. Some carriers have airfares whereby the condition of purchase of that airfare does not permit any refund of payment made. Some fares have a cancellation fee only. Travel insurance may be purchased to cover cancellation fees.

Q. Can I pre-book seats on the flights that I am?
A: Some airlines let us pre-book your seat allocation but some will not. You are able to check in online between 2-48 hours prior to your departure date at which time you will be able to view a seat map for the flights and if you are not happy with the seats which have been allocated to you then you are able to change them to any seats still showing as available. For all other airlines used we are able to pre-book seats for you subject to availability and restrictions by some airlines for certain flights.

Q. Do I need to re-confirm my flights with the airlines 24-72 hours prior?
A. In most cases you do not have to call to re-confirm your flights 24-72 hours prior. There are some carriers where reconfirmation is mandatory. Your specialised agent will make you aware of these carriers should you be using them.

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